Q & A #6

I’m two hours late because YouTube felt that my video was shaky. They shook the shake out of it. If only I were so easily stabilized. It is now ready for viewing.

When I was a kid, I collected baseball and football cards. I preferred the backs of them over the fronts. That’s where you found the players’ statistics. I love the numbers behind things.

Besides enjoying making videos, I like that YouTube gives me a statistic: the number of views each video receives. With Facebook, I have no idea how many are reading each post. From private messages I receive, I know that many are reading who never like or comment. My blog provides some stats—for example, how many visitors I get each day and how many pages they view. The blogosphere, however, is not as well traveled as Facebook and YouTube.

Yesterday, one of my videos passed the 700 view mark. My least-popular one finally topped 300 views. The number of views they are receiving has surpassed my expectations. Since I constantly have new ideas for talks, you can expect me to continue to sit down in front of my phone, hollering “Action!”

In today’s video, my sixth Q & A session, I answer three questions:

  • How did I choose my name?
  • What is the hardest part of transitioning?
  • Are you a lesbian?

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