Pizza my mind


Yesterday, while jogging on 46th street, which is a very busy road with a 45 mph speed limit, I was safely minding my own business in the bike lane when I spied a pizza box.  As I got near enough to inspect it, I noted that it was unopened.  In the picture, above, look closely at the cut-out on the left side of the box.  Yup, that is the pizza you see.

What in the wide, wide world of sports happened to my little friend?

Try to imagine the possibilities.

  1. Someone bought it, but on the way home from the grocery store decided he would rather order a delivery pizza.  The only reasonable thing now to do?  Toss it from the car!
  2. Loading her car with groceries, the woman forgot what she had placed on the car’s roof as she furiously managed her unruly children into the car as her husband sat in the driver’s seat playing on his phone.  Leaving the parking lot, the pizza held on for dear life, but when the car got up to the speed limit of 46th Street, it could grip no more and away it want.
  3. A carload of young, energetic guys were baiting the driver, who had purchased the makings of an evening of pizza and beer and the latest blockbuster now available in the Redbox red box.  Things, as they do with young, energetic guys, got out of hand.  A dare was made.  A threat was returned.  More dare.  Increased threat.  Dare.  Threat.  Dare.  Threat.  Finally, the driver heard his mother emerge from his mouth: “If you guys don’t behave, I’m pulling this car over!”  The threat went unheeded.  Vamoose went the pizza.  Kaput went one friendship.

The first possibility seems implausible.  Number two?  Absolutely possible!  But, the third is the one I have perfectly pictured.  And to that young man, who did such a dastardly act, I’d like to give him a pizza my mind.

He needs to be introduced to the wise, surely kind and benevolent gentlemen in the second picture.  I ran across him this morning in an article online.

The man is Sonny Sweat.  It was no sweat for him to decide upon whom to be sweet on February 14.  He said, “I would say, so far, it was the best Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t worried about letting anyone down with a crappy gift, it was all about just genuine, true love, which what Valentine’s Day represents.”

Be still, my foolish heart!

In fewer than twenty-four hours, I went from the depths of despair to be elevated to ecstasy.  It is one of the many ongoing lessons of life: At one moment, a fellow human will let you down miserably, but, take heart, for a lovely soul’s entrance is always about to round the bend.

And grab a pizza your heart.


2 thoughts on “Pizza my mind

  1. You gotta know how tempted I was to pick it up and take it home! As I was writing this, I almost included something to that effect, which might have read like this: “Not bearing to see my friend remain on the shoulder, I picked him up and delivered him home. There, I warmed him by the coils of my oven until he was baking but good. Then, I gave him a proper burial: in my stomach.”

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