MENU Maneuvering

Topics are now grouped. Lesser posts have been deleted.

The first post contains all of my YouTube videos. I have videos on several transgender topics and some Christian ones.

The first main section is comprised of posts which are specifically Christian. Many of these discuss how being a Christian and transgender intersect. In others, I write in general about Christian faith topics.

The next, large section is a fairly unordered group of transgender topics.

Next six Q & A posts stand out because they all look alike.

Finally, after the Q & A posts, in alphabetical order are memoirs, humor, tributes, and the like.


10 thoughts on “MENU Maneuvering

  1. So I was surfing the web, looking for recipes that clone Gino’s Pizza, and came across this page. I thought to myself, “damn, that chick looks like a dude I knew in seminary.”

    You’d be amazed how often that happens!

    All the best, Gina. You’re one crusty old lady! And those who condemn you should get stuffed.


    1. Sorry to ruin your taste for pizza, Dan. Mine is a face that launched a thousand diets.

      Thanks for posting and for being a peach. Can you believe that I’m persona non grata in the LCMS? Nah, you’d never believe that! 🙂

      Peace to you, old friend.


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