MENU Maneuvering

The first main section is comprised of posts which are specifically Christian. Many of these discuss how being a Christian and transgender intersect. In others, I write in general about Christian faith topics.

The next, large section are transgender topics.  I’ve worked to group them in like subjects.

The third section is littered with memoirs, humor, tributes, gardening, and everything else.

Important: Because the menu is ordered by subject, and not by date published, it is key to note the date of the post.  Before August 19, 2015, and after July 8, 2018, I wrote as Greg.  The three years in between, I wrote as Gina.

12 thoughts on “MENU Maneuvering

  1. So I was surfing the web, looking for recipes that clone Gino’s Pizza, and came across this page. I thought to myself, “damn, that chick looks like a dude I knew in seminary.”

    You’d be amazed how often that happens!

    All the best, Gina. You’re one crusty old lady! And those who condemn you should get stuffed.


    1. Sorry to ruin your taste for pizza, Dan. Mine is a face that launched a thousand diets.

      Thanks for posting and for being a peach. Can you believe that I’m persona non grata in the LCMS? Nah, you’d never believe that! 🙂

      Peace to you, old friend.


  2. Hi Gina,
    I just found your blog as I was researching Ernest Hemingway’s children + one was transgender. As a Christian myself, I find your
    Posts to be quite interesting. I do believe we are called to love one another + that includes LGBTQ folks. It is encouraging to learn that you are a Transgender Christian. Do you do outreach to people in the LGBTQ community?
    I have a transgender nephew + your
    Posts are helping me to understand the pain + suffering individuals endure when brain does not match body. I am happy to make your acquaintance!


    1. Hi, Karin~

      I am glad you found me and pleased to make your acquaintance! (Your last name stood out. My first wife’s mom was a Hazzard, though I’m not sure it’s spelled the same. She grew up near Bad Axe, MI.)

      My post on Ernest Hemingway’s son is my second-most-read piece. And, with the news of the new documentary, it’s been clicked on dozens of times. I think I need to write an updated piece!

      Do I do outreach to LGBTQ folks? Not outreach, but I have lots of folks come to me, and I write – blog posts and books. I’ve published two books, and have two in the works. Here are my books:

      Lots of parents of trans children contact me, along with gender dysphoric and trans persons. I assist in whatever way I can, usually answering their many questions. These contacts and writing keep me busy. After the pandemic eases, I hope to speak to groups, especially in churches, to pastors, what have you.

      You might have missed that I’ve returned to my birthname, Greg.
      This post – – might be the best one for explaining what happened in me in 2018. I’ve been living as a guy for the past three years.

      Whatever I might do for you, Karin, I will be pleased to help. If you prefer private messaging, you can find me on Facebook. Search “Greg Eilers Indianapolis.” I’m the only one who will come up.



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