My proposal to Julie

When I say that I have a short video for you that is can’t-miss, I do not exaggerate.

Do really romantic situations, whether fact or fiction, in movies or books or told by a friend, move your heart, even bring you to tears? If you enjoy wonderful love stories, with dazzling marriage proposals, you simply must watch this short video in which I tell how Julie and I met, and how I asked her to marry me.

It was the first time we ever talked to each other.

And it was before we ever saw each other’s picture.

And the words are exactly as we spoke them.

“You’ve Got Mail” has nothing on our story. Nuthin. Nada. Nil. The reactions of the radio hosts, Ryne and Olivia, demonstrate that our story is, indeed, moving, heart-tugging, ultra-romantic. It’s unique—maybe even one-of-a-kind.

This is an excerpt from the radio interview I had on May 5, with the program bloomingOUT, from WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana. The interview is available via podcast, here:  My interview begins immediately and lasts the first 35 minutes, with a few minutes for a musical number in the middle. You can enjoy that or forward past it to the 21:30 mark.

Now, someone get me a Hollywood producer!

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