The Baptist pastor writes again

The Reverend Mark Wingfield has done it again.  His initial essay, “Seven Things I’m Learning about Transgender Persons,” which is contained in this post of mine, yesterday, was a lovely example of Christian humility.

His follow-up might be even better.

Painful lessons from a pastor’s viral transgender post

My favorite sentence begins, “One of my new transgender friends told me…”  It is easy to guess that, a month ago, those words never would have come from him.

Mark Wingfield is a better person than he was a month ago.  The over one million people who read his first essay, and the many more who have heard him interviewed and will now read his second piece, surely are better people, too.

Thank you, Pastor Wingfield.  Your willingness to learn, combined with a Christlike humility, has gone a long way to smoothing the very rough road we have been walking as a nation.


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