My friends at Indianapolis Monthly (IM) magazine did not alert me that I would be enjoying the fun page, below, in its June issue.

Certainly, I have never before in my life been associated with buzzworthy, unless you count the time I backed my car into that tree that I knocked over and right onto that power line and, well, let’s just say that there was every manner of buzzing that day.

2016-06-08 15.31.21

The poll—psst, it’s to the right of the picture of the cute chick—was on IM’s website.  Because anyone could vote, and any number of times, this poll is absolutely statistically trustworthy, infinitely more than the political polls which kept telling us we would wind up with The Donald versus The Hillary . . . oh, never mind.  Regardless, with the numbers so slanted it gives me hope that average Americans are recognizing that we trans folks are, well, average Americans.

2016-06-08 15.31.47.jpg

When you promise to take out the trash, tutor unruly students, or do the Christmas shopping, you can trick folks into saying all sorts of nice things about you.  Seriously, I am grateful to these four, above, and to the way-more-than-I-ever-could-have-hoped people who were very generous in their assessment both of my article and how I am using my story to educate.

Two weeks ago, when my article on the IM website was one away from 1,600 Facebook shares, I shamelessly sought the one to put me over the top.  Kind people did way more than that.  It is now up to 1,686.

Adding its tweets, pins, and emails, it stands on 1,699 shares.  You know what’s coming.  Might you help it get to 1,700?  When it hits this magic number, I’m pretty sure I get a free car wash or something, unless I’m just now recalling the fun dream I had last night.

Now, to figure out what topic I should pitch for my next article in IM . . .

2 thoughts on “Buzzworthy!

  1. sah-wheet!!!! you are doing good work over there lighting up awareness and just helping us all be better humans. ps, while i feel i am a fairly friendly person i have been really working on remembering names and using them as i talk with the person. it does make a difference! now go grab on to thursday and dont let go. or nap. whatever works.


  2. Sah-wheet, indeed, dear Kelly! Thank you, friend!

    I am so pleased and impressed that you are working on names and using them. Cool, cool, cool! You go, girl! Onto Thursday . . . which I do hope contains a nap.


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