August 19, 2015 and 2016

One year ago, today—August 19, 2015—I made the leap and changed my public profile from Greg to Gina.

On the left: My profile picture from that day.

On the right: A picture from this week.

The sassy look on this week’s picture—that’s how Julie referred to it when I asked, “Which of these pics should I use in my new profile?”—is representative of how I feel inside.  After mountainous ups and downs the past year, I have finally been at peace for several months, happy to have my name and gender marker legally changed, accepted in a new Missouri Synod Lutheran church, seeing and enjoying important changes to my body, and finally allowing myself—this is key—allowing myself to enjoy being Gina and stop fighting myself.

Finally, I have both internal and external peace.  I enjoy family life, not losing what I so feared would crumble.  Most of my friends have been faithful, and I have made a host of new ones.  I accomplished things the past year which were beyond any hopes or dreams I could have conjured, and that opens my eyes to see that much more rests over the horizon.

I am healthy, happy, and whole.  What a year!  Alleluia!

6 thoughts on “August 19, 2015 and 2016

  1. i really really want to say something that gives you an idea of what you being here, has meant to me. but i just don’t have the words at the moment. which is odd because most people think i never shut up. regardless…the external and internal part. yay. double yay. TGIF my friend.xo

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  2. You said it perfectly, Kelly. Thank you!

    I am pondering a post, prompted from writing this short one this morning. The title might be, “I love being a woman.” I always knew that I did, but because I kept fighting myself I could not fully enjoy it. Now that I am done fighting myself, it has opened up so many ways in which I am basking in the joy of my femininity.

    TGIF, indeed!


  3. i am soo happy for you and soo jealous! i wish that i was as brave as you are. My feelings of needing to be whole………….to be me not only won’t go away but growing more intense each day!


      1. i keep thinking that i can sacrifice myself for the sake of my family but…………………sigh this is soo hard!


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