Pastor meeting

Tomorrow, I will meet with several pastors, the first meeting I will have with former brother ministers in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) to discuss transgender issues. This day has been a tough trail to negotiate and long time in arriving, as I have been working to get my foot in the door with my former church body.

I have high hopes for the meeting—I have prepared an orderly, detailed presentation—longing for it to be the first of many discussions, to expand the audience, to reach the leaders and influential in the LCMS, and to educate them regarding gender dysphoria and a person’s being both Christian and transgender.

High hopes are harbored with held breath. It is just as likely that I will be stymied, that I will not be heard, that the party-line will be argued back to me, and that I will head home a very frustrated person. The pastors, with whom I will be meeting, will not simply lie down for me. I fully expect them to be as equipped for me as I for them.

If you are my brother or sister in Christ, I ask for your prayers. Never is my prayer that I win, or create a loser of anyone else. Always is my prayer that the Lord’s good and gracious will be done and obeyed. Psalm 25:5 is a go-to verse:


For myself, I pray these words on a regular basis. For this occasion, you might pray it this way: “Guide Gina and these pastors in your truth and teach them, for you are God their Savior and their hope is in you all day long, in Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.”

Thank you. The Lord be with you.


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