Two Gina firsts

The transitioning road is long and winding, with lots of roadblocks and slippery spots. Gradually and steadily, male Greg is being converted to female Gina.  Two fun ones occurred the past two days.

Thursday, January 12

I received this notice from our health insurance:


Bless their hearts for noticing!

Friday, January 13

The hospital called to pre-register me for my surgery next week.  Because I am married and am listed as female, she asked me for my maiden name.  I giggled.  I said, “Well, I’ve never been asked that one before!  I am male to female transgender.”  Because of how I said this, she was prompted to giggle in the same amused way in which I had resumed laughing.

4 thoughts on “Two Gina firsts

    1. Weeeee!!!!!!

      On Monday, I have to have a physical. Because I have two stents – May, 2007 – they are requiring the physical. I have no reason to believe I will not pass. On Thursday, I will have surgery on my vocal cords. It is quite daunting that I will not be able to talk for two weeks. But I’ll still be able to type!

      Stay safe today!


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