Silence Is Rusty #3


Not only can I not talk, but I am not to sneeze or cough. While a person is not likely able to totally keep from either of these, they need to be greatly minimized.

Through three days, I have only had one itch to sneeze. I caught it quickly enough that by squeezing my nose and holding my breath it did not materialize. The urge to cough, however, has been way more common.

Have you ever heard of the silent cough? I had not. It was listed in my instructions as the way to cough. Researching it, I now know the procedure.

When you have the urge to cough, breath in deeply. Exhale the breath quickly through your mouth. Then, holding your head with your chin pointed down, swallow hard.

If you do it quickly and smoothly, the urge to cough will cease. The trick is to do it quickly and smoothly.

The breathing part is easy. The swallowing part can be a challenge. I would say I’m doing about 50/50 with my efforts.

I have coughed a few times. Each time, I wonder what is going on down there in my stitched together vocal cords. Have I pulled things apart a bit?

The surgeon told me that there always is at least a little detachment during healing. How does one know if how she is doing is as well as the average person?

I won’t know anything until January 31.

Three days down.

Nine to go.

And today brings an all new challenge.  I will go to church. I will not speak a word of the liturgy.  I will not sing a syllable of a hymn.

3 thoughts on “Silence Is Rusty #3

  1. i see you. i see you walking in and sitting. then eyes closed taking in the words shared. your heart will fill with joy and grace. the liturgy is already right there.

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