No SRS Valentine for me


I was to have sex reassignment surgery (SRS) today. It had to be pushed back because of my vocal cord surgery. Here’s what happened. Totally accidentally. Which really bothers me. Because my vocal cord surgery could have been ruined.

Right before my vocal cord surgery, Dr. Parker came to check in with Julie and me. All routine stuff. Here’s what’s going to happen. How long it will take. That he would keep Julie informed. Some of the post-surgery instructions, which the nurse would thoroughly cover before I was discharged.

When I had my first and only visit with Dr. Parker in December, I asked how close together I could have these two surgeries. He said that the vocal cord surgery was not too serious as to its impact on my body and, besides, the two surgeries are nowhere near each other on my person. Of course, at that time, we had no idea he would be performing surgery on me in January. Because insurance usually works so slowly, I thought the soonest the vocal cord surgery would happen would be in the spring. After I had SRS.

Well, the good folks at the Voice Clinic of Indiana got serious in pursuing the insurance company and, voila, they had my approval within two weeks. The January surgery date was set up. I was cooking with gas.

And that gas would be oxygen, by way of the cup over your mouth method for that surgery. However, the method of helping me to breath would inadvertently yet thankfully come up just before I went into surgery.

I said to Dr. Parker, “When I saw you in December, you said this and my SRS could be close together. Since I saw you then, I got a date for my SRS, February 14.” He asked, “Will they intubate you for that surgery?” Taken aback, I replied, “Put a tube down my throat? Would they need to do that?” He said that it was possible since SRS is a long, serious surgery.

Well, rats.

When we got home from the hospital, Julie called Dr. Gallagher’s office. Her able-bodied office manager, Nicole, got the info. Yup, I will be intubated. Well, rats.

Dr. Parker had said that two months would be enough time for my vocal cords to heal. The next available surgery date was April 11. I snatched it up.

So, eight more weeks to go. While I am greatly desiring to have the SRS, and wanted it done in the winter, I am very thankful the intubation question arose, even if completely by accident.

Now, back to getting this hoarseness back into its stable and riding off into the sunset with my new voice.


4 thoughts on “No SRS Valentine for me

  1. Happy Valentines Day to Julie and you Gina. Sorry to hear about your latest set back for SRS. I am sure that day will arrive sooner than you think.


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