Dear government: you embarrass me

With last week’s passage of the health care act, I was deeply bothered by the behavior of both parties.

Dear Republicans: Your health care bill has yet to be scored for its cost, is dubious in its argument that it improves what it seeks to replace and easily can be seen as bringing impending harm to many Americans, and you marked its passage through your house as if you have done exactly what the new president continually said would happen when he was running for office and since he has been president, yet nothing being reported looks anything like an overwhelming improvement, if any improvement at all. Yet, you hailed your victory as if you had nailed it, and as if you received overwhelming support when you barely eked out your majority.


Dear Democrats: The moment the Republicans got their victorious vote, you began singing the popular song of those who taunt their foe, “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye,” and some of you waved your arms to further demonstrate to your opposing party that they had just sealed their demise in the 2018 elections, as if there is not a very long way to go before the health care bill is finalized, and many other things will be deciding factors a year-and-a-half from now.

You both were like a team celebrating a championship when it had only won the first game of a best-of-seven-games series. You were like the bully who not only takes the lunch money of the smaller child, but then rubs his face in the ground. You were like any person who is never concerned for the greater good of all, but only for your personal agenda.

You all acted like children.

I am embarrassed for you. I am embarrassed that you are our national governmental leaders.

Yet, even as I write this, that you acted like children is exactly what we Americans should expect from you because we have become a nation of childish, selfish, immature adolescents.

We are a nation which has bathed so long in self-entitlement that we are now soaked in it.

Does anyone wonder why? Dear government, your childish behavior follows that of the USA’s main behavior-setter: TV and the movies. I recall when AIDS became prevalent in the ‘80s, and about that time we finally took note of the destructive nature of tobacco, and Hollywood declared that it would cut out smoking and tone way down elicit sex. Well, that lasted about as long as our nation’s new unity after 9/11.

Masturbation is now as prevalent in movies and TV, and in the routines of comedians, that it rivals the use of foul language. We make fun of and boast about masturbating as if it is the sport of champions, instead of what it is, an intensely private action.

Where has our sense of decency gone?

Foul behavior follows the foul language that now goes as everyday talk, everywhere one goes. One cannot escape it on what passes as respectable websites as the f word, and “wtf” and “fml,” and other coarse slang is, well, no longer slang but the way we as a nation speak.  Whenever we don’t like someone’s behavior, he’s a d–k or she’s a c–t.

We are a nation that loves an audience, so when we figure out what will net us our audience we exploit it. That’s what you did, dear Democrats and Republicans, last week, when you knew all of America would be tuning in.

What motivates people to record live their suicides and murders? They do it, because they know they will have an audience. And shame on us for watching their videos.


If these things would not go viral, if the news would finally report that there was a death recorded on Facebook Live but it only got seven views, perhaps, just perhaps, a perpetrator would think twice about his behavior. As long as we continue to click and watch, it will be one of the motivators for the next savage to act.

Your behavior, dear government, was childish, and we love childish. We revel in everything that young kids giggle at, as if we never grew up and learned how to control ourselves. How else does one explain the phenomenal success of last year’s IT girl, Amy Schumer, who is as bawdy and dirty as they come? When I was young, she would be called exactly what she talks about regarding how she lives—a whore—but now she’s a coveted star and we throw money at her feet to have her stand before us and spout her gutter talk.

I’m no prude. I like the humor of Louis C K. . . . until he moves into Amy Schumer’s neighborhood and tells us about his latest round of masturbating.  I would in the past quote Bill Cosby, who always got on comics for being dirty—and I LOVED Cos’s clean humor—but there’s yet another fallen American who, if he’s guilty, also has shown that he believes the world is HIS to do as he pleases.

Hello, men of Fox news.

How do we explain the bad behavior of those who have taken to taunting since last November’s election?  The bullying of immigrants and Muslims and Jews and gays and trans and anyone and everyone whom the white majority doesn’t want to deal with?  No one in the USA practices self-entitlement more than the citizens who love to sing “I’m proud to be an American.”

Shame on them.

By comparison, the following sounds trivial, yet it speaks volumes about us. When I am jogging, and I observe so much litter, I picture people throwing out water bottles and fast food bags and imagine that, as they roll down their car window, they are saying, “It’s MY country and I will do as I please.”  Yeah, but don’t YOU dare throw trash in THEIR yard.

As for my fellow Christians, many of them are no better than those whom they regularly beat down. They want to separate themselves from those who disgust them—read that: LGBTQ—while their theology says that each of them, individually, is the chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15), that no one is to poke at the toothpick in the eye of another because we all have a two-by-four sticking out of ours (Matthew 7:3).

You are smug in your self-righteousness. You won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding, but you won’t question the couple in a straight wedding to be sure that everything about their lifestyle matches your high standards. Yet, oh, by the way, since everyone is doing it, they almost certainly are sexually active and probably already live together. Do you approve of that? Will you not question that, you hypocrite?

Your Lord Jesus Christ ate with sinners for the purpose of loving and helping them, but you wouldn’t dream of getting your hands dirtied by those whom you love to condemn. Your brand of self-righteous religion surely is one which our Savior, who knows all things, can’t even recognize. You are not interested in loving one another as Christ loves you—the law which He gave for you to follow. No, that’s hard to do, too challenging for you, so you hide out with people like yourselves and then scream for the government to protect you.

This is the state of our nation, dear government, and your behavior last week was the perfect picture for everything that is wrong with us.

Thankfully, the majority of Americans are respectable people. Sadly, it is the loudmouths, the ones who practice bad behavior, the ones way out on the fringes, who get the attention, whose videos go viral, whose voices are heard. But, they ARE heard. You, our governmental leaders, are heard, will always have the cameras focused on you and the microphones picking up your every word.

If our leaders will not behave with dignity, who will? If you won’t lead the way, the silent majority of respectable Americans will soon be the minority of us. “It’s MY world, and I’ll do whatever I please,” will spread so wide that we will not be able to recognize the USA for the country it once was.

Oh, but maybe many Americans want just that. What better way to cure our immigrant argument? What people would want to move here when they would surely recognize that they would be playing maids and groundskeepers to a household of spoiled brats?

That’s what we’ve become, dear Republicans and Democrats. You, our government leaders, acted like spoiled brats. You do not show that you care about OUR world, but only about your own agenda.

Please, lead. Please, lead in a way which would be honorable for the rest of us to emulate.


2 thoughts on “Dear government: you embarrass me

  1. Superb writing! Have missed this level of authorship in the last couple things I read of yours. I have thoroughly enjoyed your site. As a committed Christian who is also MTF trans it has lifted me up on many occasions. And I include you in my prayers for the success of this ministry!


    1. Thank you, Dana, and thank you for reading and for your prayers!

      I hesitated writing and posting this as I don’t want to get into anything resembling politics (some folks, commenting on Facebook, read it that way!) yet I was so bothered that I had to do it. Here’s the sad fact: essays of this nature, and my specifically Christian writings, do not get read by many people. If my Christian pieces were more widely read, I would be inspired to write many more. Ugh. I will continue to muddle on, always encouraged by kind folks like yourself, and always seeking the Spirit’s guidance.

      The Lord be with you!


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