She-Nana-gans with Lou and Puppy

Thanksgiving, 2013, Jackie, our daughter in Indianapolis, and her two children, Oliver and Margot, drove to Port Hope for the weekend, to spend the holiday with Nana and Poppa.

On Sunday, Oliver, then six years old, absentmindedly left behind his beloved stuffed animals, Lou and Puppy.

Nana, knowing how desperate a child can be for his “stuffties,” set out to comfort Oliver until we would meet up with Jackie, Oliver, and Margot, a few days before Christmas.

Every day, Nana took a photo of Lou and Puppy, which included a fitting caption, to show Oliver that his loved ones were doing well.  Each day, Julie—er, Nana—tagged Jackie on Facebook, so that she could show Oliver.

The photos are in chronological order.  The captions are what Julie posted on Facebook.  The level of she-Nana-gans increases as the days grow long.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reading with Poppa.
Making PlayDoh creations.
Lou and Puppy are caught trying to sneak some turkey.
The dogs felt very sleepy after all the turkey they ate, so they settled in for a nap. Yes, Lou sleeps with his eyes open.
Well-behaved Lou and Puppy sit in on Pastor Poppa’s religion class.
Naughty puppies! Lou and Puppy abuse their copier privileges taking photocopies of their paw prints.
The puppies sweat it out on the elliptical machine.
Doc McStuffpuppy to the rescue!
Although they’d much rather be watching cat videos, Lou and Puppy find Shrek to be a worthy substitute.
Their reputation as premier foot surgeons preceding them, Doc McStuffpuppies Lou and Puppy are invited to the hospital to oversee Poppa’s operation. Make sure you get the right foot, you two!  (Yes, I really was hospitalized.  I had toe surgery.  That cagey Julie is never one to miss out on a photo op!)
Lacking opposable thumbs, Lou kept dropping the soap.
Sometimes the dogs forget they are stuffed animals. “Lou! Puppy! Mind your manners!”
“We are Lou & Puppy, and we approve this message.”
An exasperated Poppa has to wait in line for a cup of coffee (aka, early risers Lou & Puppy get first crack at java).
After waiting patiently on the roof for an hour, Lou & Puppy are rewarded when Poppa finally steps outside to a “snow shower.”
After yesterday’s prank, Poppa tried to mail Lou & Puppy back to Oliver, but they must have bribed the postal service to let them stay a little longer.
About to hand over the car keys to Lou & Puppy, Poppa realizes just in time that neither one of them can reach the brake pedal.
Poppa is vexed by Lou & Puppy because:
A. They committed treason.
B. They refused to share their lunch.
C. They blew their cover as Starbucks spies.
Lou & Puppy, eagerly awaiting Olly’s arrival . . .
Reunited at last!





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