Happy . . . huh?

This Thanksgiving, I have specialized wishes to offer:

For everyone named Henry, I bid you a Happy Hanksgiving!

+               +               +

Eating hot dogs for your feast? Happy Franksgiving!

+               +               +

Looking over your finances and finding yourself in good shape? Happy Banksgiving!

+               +               +

Spending the day with a bunch of practical jokers? Happy Pranksgiving!

+               +               +

If you are the one who best pulls everyone’s leg: Happy Yanksgiving!

+               +               +

Were you promoted yesterday and are relishing it today? Let me be the first to offer a hearty Happy Ranksgiving!

+               +               +

Feeling a little frisky with your better half? Happy Spanksgiving!

+               +               +

What’s that you say? You are not being forced off the edge of the boat and into the water? Happy Planksgiving!

+               +               +

And when I finish off the homemade eggnog which I will soon stir up, I hope you wish me a Happy Dranksgiving!

+               +               +

Finally, for our adult audience:

It’s the day after you got the long-awaited vasectomy?  Happy Blanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Happy . . . huh?

  1. Yeah, baby! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    On Thanksgiving, after sharing mine with the gang, Julie came up with one, and then Vin came up with one:

    Julie: When you go to Grandma’s house and she asks you to bring up canned goods from her musty basement: Happy Danksgiving!

    Vin: When your meal consists of steak: Happy Flanksgiving!


    1. Ken, when I received the email for your afternoon comment, which was this – “If you have to go to the ATM and get money, Happy Banksgiving!” – I accidently pressed “Mark as spam” in the email and it was deleted. I regret the slip.

      Maybe, however, this was more than a slip, since I already have a Banksgiving joke on my post. 🙂


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