Read my book free!

I am aiming to publish an e-edition of my book, “A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane,” this month, then follow with a printed version.

Amazon makes available offering ebooks for free, for a few days. The purpose is to encourage people to read it and post a review of it on the author’s Amazon page. The more reviews, the better chance a book has of being recognized.

To give me a boost, I would love to have you read and review my book . . .

  • If you know me well or if you don’t.
  • If you are a relative, old friend, or newer one.
  • If you have agreed or disagreed with my living as a transgender person, are a Christian or not, and so forth.

In other words, it doesn’t matter who you are, or who you are to me, if you are interested in reading and reviewing then I am interested in you.

A few things for you to know about the book:

  • It’s my life story, but I concentrate on the transgender aspect.
  • I describe my experience, but I use it to explain issues which affect all trans persons.
  • It’s the length of a typical novel.
  • I keep the chapters short, each one with a theme.
  • My proofreaders found it to move along quickly.

If you raise your hand to indicate your interest, I will ask you to agree with a few things:

  • You will read the book in a timely manner which in my view is a week, no more than two.
  • Then, you will write a review and post it on my Amazon page.
  • Your review can be anywhere from short, as in, “I didn’t want to put it down!” to a detailed look at key topics.
  • You may sign your review with your name, include your city and state or not, or simply give your initials, your Twitter handle, or whatever works for you.

If a lot of folks indicate their interest in this offer to free read and review, I will likely select from them a group which provides a variety of viewpoints. If you have the opportunity to read for free, I will inform you when it will be available.

Let me know of your interest by emailing me at, placing a comment on this post, via Facebook Messenger, or in a comment on the Facebook post which links to this.

Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Read my book free!

  1. I would love to read your book. I’m fascinated with the workings of the human mind and how drastically different we all are. I remember seeing you run daily when you lived in PH. My kids were in school with your boys. I’ve followed your story, and I find your articles very interesting.


    1. Hi, Becky~ I am delighted that you both want to read! I want to make sure I recognize correctly who you are. I found you as my Facebook friend, as Rebecca, married to Freddy. I will be contacting you via FB message when the book is available. Thank you!


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