“I can’t put it down.”

Thinking out loud: I wonder how many people read all the way to the bottom of my blog posts?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Self-publishing my book, I have to market and promote it. That’s what this post is about; it’s my advertisement to get your mouth watering.

When I say that folks are reading my book and posting reviews, that might provoke you to think, “It must be available for me to get!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In my second seminary class on the art of preaching, my professor, the sainted Dr. Donald Deffner, told us that if we wanted to be good writers we should read a lot of books. That we should read novels. That learning to tell a story would help us craft sermons in which we would be able to proclaim the text in a manner which is easy on the ear and memorable. Put that together with good theology, and we would have excellent sermons.

I already enjoyed reading, so I stepped it up. I’ve read hundreds of novels—during the winter in Port Hope, I read one to three a week—not to mention all of the books it takes to get through college and seminary.

Sermons, it seemed to me, could be like books. Make ‘em, um, ear-turners. Feedback from members indicated they were.

When I set out to compose my first book, I was determined to make it a page-turner.

When I finished the first draft of “A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane,” I asked two friends to read it. The first one reacted to the content: “You should be on Oprah.” The second went to the readability: “I only put it down at night because I had to go to bed.”

I’ve now had several folks react to the finished product. A friend wrote, “It is a ‘can’t put it down book.’ I actually read about one book a year. I listen to over thirty Audible books per year. So, you’ve captivated me to be actually reading,”

One reviewer posted, “Excellent book, I had a hard time putting it down!” As proof, the review included the photo, below, my added arrow pointing to the indentation left by the device held a bit too long at a time.

Um, wait. When Julie saw this, she thought the person was referencing how in the book I explain where Montague is located in Michigan’s mitten: just below the base of the pinkie.

To the content, this reviewer wrote, “This subject was presented clearly and with great honesty.”

Here is the full review of another: “A complicated person, useful and thorough, a transgender uniqueness, struggles with life, faith, family, and being authentic in their search for purpose. The story ends with just as many questions and starts the reader to learning how to love others like Julie, their wife.”

Then there’s this snippet from what one of my best pastor-friends wrote: “The purpose of the book is clear, Greg’s writing is excellent, and it is all very focused.”

Finally, the fourth of the four online reviews so far posted: “Wow! A really great read! Greg is an incredible writer and tells his story with grace. I read the book in two days. It is very much a page turner. You will grow to love the author and his wife as he tells his incredible journey.”

Beginning Monday, February 4, my ebook will be available for purchase for $4.99. Until then . . .

. . . get it FREE through Sunday, February 3!


8 thoughts on ““I can’t put it down.”

    1. What you write is true about February, but I’m confused to what you are referring, Sara.

      Oh, wait. At the very end, did you read it as Feb 31? Look closer. It says Feb 3, followed by an exclamation mark. 🙂


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