On sale now!

My book, “A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane—One Wild Ride: My Journey with Gender Identity,” is now available on Amazon. Purchase the ebook for $4.99. (I hope to offer it in print, soon.)

I published RCTH (as I like to abbreviate it) last week. The first five days it was available, I offered it free of charge to those people who said they would read it in a week or so and then place a review on Amazon.

Since it was available on Amazon, shoppers on the site could see it and get it for free. The first few days, I assumed those downloading it were the fifty or so whom I notified of its being ready. The sales statistics reflected this:

  • January 30: 27
  • January 31: 38

Enough copies were downloaded that RCTH reached the Top 100 Free Books list in two categories. Once there, Amazon shoppers now could see it and my sales reflected it:

  • February 1: 55
  • February 2: 178
  • February 3: 82

I had my moment at #1 of the Top 100 Free ebooks in the Parenting category. Parenting, you ask? Yup. Of the five areas I was able to categorize RCTH, one was “Parenting and Relationships.” Who knew they would further break down the category when listing sales? By their doing so, I leapt to number one!

In the category it seems RCTH is most appropriate—Biographies and Memoirs— I did quite well, on Saturday reaching a high of #14.

Finally, in the overall sales of ebooks, I reached a high of #821.

That now all is history. The five day free period has elapsed. It’s onto the paid sales department. And, now I ask kindly that if you have read RCTH and found it to be a “I can’t put it down” book, as everyone has expressed to me whose read it, would you post a review on my Amazon page and share it on your Facebook wall, or Twitter feed, or by that tried and true, old fashioned yet reliable, word of mouth?


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