Sugar Wood is sweeeeet!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If I had a box of caramels for every time I received an email from a person who has been reading my blog for years and is just now letting me know of it, I’d have a lot of sweet treats. In the case of Chana Wood, proprietor of Sugar Wood, I got the caramels!

Most correspondence I’ve had from readers has been regarding issues of transgender. Some of the inquiries I’ve received have been from fellow Christians. But, when Chana wrote to me, it was because I had published my book.

One email led another, led to my going to her website, led to my first taste of her scrumptious delights. Her signature item is this . . .

. . . but there’s more good stuff, each item as good as the others.

I’ve had salted caramel before, but I’ve never encountered it with the salt playing as important a role as it does in Chana’s. When you’re chewing the caramel, and you encounter a crystal of salt, the interruption of salty with sweet is an explosion of flavor.

If one can experience a surprise of joy when chewing on candy, it happens with these:

Chana is a true entrepreneur. She started out as so many folks have, creating in her kitchen and selling locally. Hard work, combined with a great product, has brought success.

Combine a great product with a winning personality, and it becomes easy to decide to purchase from her. I’ve talked on the phone with Chana, and in two minutes I felt like we were lifelong friends. Thus, when my box of delights arrived, and these stickers adorned the carton, Chana shined through:

  • Image one: Note the nifty quote is from the eminent philosopher, Conan O’brien.
  • Image two: This reminds me of the St. Pauli Girl logo and makes me crave a beer!
  • Image three: Cumberland, Wisconsin, is where it all happens.

If you have a bonafide sweet tooth, click the link at the top of this post and make your first easy-to-place order. When you’re there, also make use of the Contact button and tell Chana that Greg sent you!

I’ll send you off with this nifty video from Chana, herself!

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