Greight Loss: May 27 weigh-in

I had another excellent week, losing five more pounds.

I now weigh 235. In February, I topped out at 260.

“Julie, I did it! I moved up a notch on my belt! Please, take a picture for me to post on my blog!”

I was hopeful the scale would reflect another good week of loss. When I got dressed for church on Sunday, I needed to move my belt to the next hole. That’s always one of the fun things about trimming up, a tangible way to measure progress. Soon, I hope, I will need to dig into my basement tubs of clothes in search of pants in a smaller size.

Last week, I ran or speed-walked six straight days. It was the first time this year that I was able to get out six times in a week—with the weather now more reliable, I hope to achieve that a lot more often. I put in 31.8 miles. My best run was 5.73 miles.

Because I ran so much—not to mention calories burned mowing the lawn and working in the garden—I allowed myself to be lax a few days with my 1,800 calorie goal. On no day did I go crazy—-for me, that would be second helpings of supper’s main dish that are just as large as the first plate—so that my intake didn’t climb very far into the 2,000s.

May 29 marks six weeks since I began my 1,800 calorie daily goal. I continue to feel good about it, steadfast in my desire. Attitude is just as important as one’s plan. Here, in short, is mine:

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