Greight Loss: the two week start

Weigh-in update. Monday, June 3, the scale was unkind, showing a three pound gain, from 235 to 238. Surely, this was water weight. On June 10, it was gone, plus a few more. I was pleased to see 232. I am now down 28 pounds from February.

Years ago, I noticed something, and what I noticed has proven to be true in both losing weight and exercising/running. For years, I didn’t run in the winter. Michigan, with its combination of cold and snow, kept me indoors from late in the year until spring. While I used either a treadmill or an elliptical in the winter, they work the body differently. When I resumed running in the spring, my muscles were sore.

I eventually noted that two weeks into running I could tell that I was already stronger. I then paid attention to that and, sure enough, year after year it was the case.

This turned out to be important for those first days of resuming jogging, especially as I aged and it got harder to increase my miles and quicken my pace. I had to learn patience, that I couldn’t be running five miles after only a week. It would have been easy to give up.

But, knowing how much improvement I would see in only two weeks was a motivator. Trusting that I would feel the strength returning to my legs helped me stick with it. And, I could remember how good that always made me feel, and the overall benefits I would receive from being stronger, such as with mowing the lawn and doing garden work, not to mention the emotional boost.

When working to lose weight, I found the two week start also to apply. We all know that restricting calories—which typically means also avoiding a host of favorite foods—is both physically and mentally challenging.

Raise your hand if you’ve given up on the chore after one or two days. For many, striving to eat less is as successful as New Year’s resolutions are.

Altering eating patterns and amounts are hard habits to change. And that mouthy stomach growls louder than some of the dogs that go berserk when I jog past their houses. So, to know that in a mere two weeks you will see positive signs, well, that’s huge.

I’ve always dropped a nice number of pounds in the first weeks. It was true this time, too. Sadly, I didn’t weigh myself the day I began, so I don’t know what I lost the first five days. I had been 260 in February. I was 252 on April 22. On April 29, I was 249. Today, I am 232.

I recall April 16, the day I decided to resume 1,800 calories a day. I knew it would be a challenge. I also knew my history of losing weight fast. I added to my thinking how much running I was doing. I was confident the weight would come off. I entered my Greight Loss period with confidence.

I have been blown away by my success.

And good begets good. Being nearly thirty pounds lighter than in the winter, and running five or six days a week, my running keeps improving. I now have days where I am running six miles. The day of my 232 weigh-in, June 10, I ran six miles and had my best time of the year, beating my previous best by 23 seconds per mile.

If you are contemplating losing weight or beginning exercising—whether it’s walking or running, or weight training or spinning, or swimming or you name it—be encouraged. Set your sights on week two. Trust that it will only take that long before you feel and see the first results.

It will feel so good! You will be on your way!

2 thoughts on “Greight Loss: the two week start

    1. I’ve certainly been there and done that, but, as I wrote in my first post about my losing weight, I purposely gained weight all last year in order to hide my too large breasts (AND I kept running all winter!).


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