No joke, it’s pun time!

After a dry spell, punny ideas have returned to me. Of course, after reading them, you might be of the opinion that my dry spell has turned into an all-out drought.

I signed up for Amazon’s box/carton/parcel promotion.

It was a package deal.

There are so many roads closed in town this summer due to construction that I figured I could make a few bucks guiding drivers on streets through neighborhoods they’ve never before visited.

I always wanted to work in detourism.

As I was listening to a news report about Ohio’s tire city, I wondered: is that town’s name based on a whole word, or is it an Akronym?

The smells that come from the kitchen when Julie is making breakfast make me want to kiss her. It’s so aromantic!

Recently while jogging I came to a fork in the road . . .

. . . so I took it.

My love of surfing comes in waves.

I’ve run by this mailbox dozens of times and it finally dawned on me why it is so close to the ground.

It’s for snail mail.

Stick a stamp on me, cuz I’m licked until the next post!

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