Two Minute Warming—John 16:33

Taking no more than 120 seconds to read, Two Minute Warming is an uplifting devotion to strengthen you in Jesus Christ.

Rare is the time that we all experience the same trouble at the same time. Right now, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Everywhere we turn, everything we ponder, everyone we think about is affected.

We are all in this one, but on any given day many of us are in situations just as serious. I’ve had my own, from the death of my son, to long lay-offs from work, to the gender dysphoria that sought to destroy me.

You can recite your own litany of troubles. Indeed, those troubles you were having when this pandemic began? They still burden you.

I appreciate that the Lord is straightforward in saying that we will have trouble. No one escapes trouble. Trouble follows us our entire lives until our lives end in the ultimate trouble: death.

You can’t stop it, so what are you going to do about it?

After assuring us we will have trouble, the Lord says the craziest thing: “Take heart!” What? How can He tell us to take heart? Because, He testifies, “I have overcome the world.”

Indeed, the Lord Jesus took every trouble into His holy flesh—suffered every trouble for our sake—and put it all to death on His cross.

Having been raised from the dead and ascended to heaven, He proved that He spoke the truth: “I have overcome the world.”

He has overcome the world. He overcame the world for you. He gives you His victory, which results in your eternal life—your own resurrection to the life in Paradise when there will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain (Revelation 21:4).

In this time of trouble—in every time of trouble—you may take heart, because what you cannot overcome the Lord Jesus has conquered.

He has told you this that in Him you may have peace. It’s a peace that passes all understanding. It’s a peace that gives rest to your heart and mind.

The peace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

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