Two Minute Warming—Psalm 18:2a

Taking no more than 120 seconds to read, Two Minute Warming is an uplifting devotion to strengthen you in Jesus Christ.

When I was in seminary, we lived near a busy street. Next to the street was a huge rock. It was four feet across. It stood two feet out of the ground. I imagine at least that much was in the ground.

There was no sidewalk, but a path had been worn in the grass. Most days, a man walked it. He always wore ear buds. He was often carrying something.

“The Walker,” as we Eilers dubbed him, was tall and lanky, probably in his thirties. He walked in a long, gliding stride.

He must have walked a ways because, every time, he stopped at that rock. He put his foot upon it. And then his forearms on his thigh. And he rested.

For The Walker, that rock was the same the day before, and the day before that, and many days before that. Thus, he trusted it would be the same this time. And, to be sure, he relied on it being there the next day.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is the reliable one. That’s why Scripture calls Him our Rock.

These days, we’ve been rocked pretty badly. So many of the things on which we rely—our jobs, visiting loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes, a steady income, simply going to the store—are not the strong and steadfast rocks of only a couple of weeks ago. And who knows when they will return?

Wherever the path of your life takes you, Jesus the Rock is there for your rest. He allowed Himself to be rocked as He was mocked, beaten, and crucified, so that He could overcome your every trouble, every concern, every sin. Because He was resurrected from the dead and has ascended to heaven, He proved that He finished the job. He won the victory over every evil. He did it for you.

He did it for you so that you may rest yourself upon Him—every worry, every confession of sin, every need, every thing. In return, He always loves you, always forgives you, always provides rest for your soul.


Like a rock.

The Rock.

Your Rock.

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