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Getting the word out

I’ve been working to get copies of my second book, Ministering to Transgender Christians, into the hands of pastors, church leaders, and others.

  • I mailed copies to all of the thirty-five District Presidents of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), where I used to be a minister.
  • I also sent one, with an impassioned letter, to LCMS President Rev. Matthew Harrison, which is the third time I’ve written to him in the hopes of getting his ear.
  • I sent books to some others in the hopes they might review and promote it.
  • Two dozen were distributed to ministers at a pastors’ conference.
  • And, in a generous, surprising move, a friend purchased a copy and sent it to a pastor who hosts a radio show. Thank you, friend!

If you know of a church leader, book reviewer, or other influencer, to whom I might send a book, please contact me. You can find my email address by clicking on my profile photo, or you can message me via Facebook.

32 of 33 reviews are 5 stars!

And the one 4 star review reads as well as those that have given 5 stars!

If you have read either or both books, and have not left a review, would you do so? You can get to both books here:

The more reviews each book has, the higher up it will appear in searches. Thank you for helping me promote the important information of both of my books!

Reviews excerpts

Highlights of the first four reviews of Ministering to Transgender Christians:

A pastor begins his review, “This is a remarkably helpful book for pastors and laypeople alike because it discusses the struggle of transgender persons in a way that educates while consistently pointing to God’s grace in Jesus Christ.” He notes, “The discussion of myths or what transgender is not is a particular helpful part of the book that seeks to break down stereotypes and foregone conclusions.” And, he nailed exactly what I am seeking to promote—the Gospel: “That’s really the greatest part of the book: the reminder of the Christian Gospel, the ‘Good News’ that God’s love is for everyone in and through His Son Jesus Christ such that we find our identity in Him above all. The reminder that Christ came not to condemn the world but save it helps reorient the reader from a position of judgement to one of mercy and compassion.”

Colleen generously suggests, “There is no other book today that offers the understanding and compassion that Church leaders need, to minister to the needs of the transgender Christians in their congregations,” concluding her helpful review with, “This book is a godsend for those who experience gender identity dysphoria and who have put their faith and their trust in Jesus Christ. It reminds all of us that the love available to us in Jesus Christ is available to every person on this planet, even the transgender person. If you are struggling with gender identity dysphoria, this book is for you, as well!”

May gets right to the point: “If you are serious about Gospel ministry or being involved in a church community, Ministering to Transgender Christians is a must-read in order to enable the Church to reach out to one of the most oppressed, misunderstood, and rejected people of our time.” She concludes just as strongly: “It is no longer a question of ‘if I need to know this information,’ but ‘when I need to know information.’ One day, there will be a transgender person at your church. One day, you will find yourself talking a transgender person and have the opportunity to share the Gospel. This book is vital for giving you a shared language with these people so the love of Christ that you show them may work in their heart.”

Finally, Medicjac says a lot with a few words: “This book addresses so many of the issues I was struggling with, in a clear manner.”

Find the full reviews here:

Medicjac also left the most recent review for A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane: “This book has been a lifesaver! As a Christian with a son who is transgender, this book has been invaluable in giving me insight and hope. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling.”

To ride all of the Roller Coaster reviews, click here:

Coming in 2021?

I’m busy writing my third book! If all goes well, it will be available next year!

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