30th anniversary: the day my life changed

Typically, when we ponder that people are talking about us, it’s focused on their gossiping—spreading negative news about something we did or has happened to us. We don’t know who is talking, but we are confident the conversation is not making us look good.

In 1990, I had no idea people were talking about me. That the conversation was good. That when I finally learned about it on December 7, my life would dramatically change.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is where I was in those days: I was thirty-three and had met all of my life goals:
• I was married and had four children.
• I owned a home in my hometown.
• I was established in a job, in town, where I intended to work until retirement.

I wanted to be married, be a father, stay in my hometown, and be a lifer where I worked. Check, check, check, check. I’d accomplished all of my goals. I was all set to enjoy the life I’d established.

A year after we’d had our final child, I was itching for a new adventure. I wanted to be a minister, but saw no way it could happen. It would mean years of school, uprooting my family, quitting my job and losing my income.

It. Was. Impossible.

That September, Jan Pobursky came calling. She proposed the craziest thing: go to seminary and I’ll support you until you graduate.

Jan’ more-than-generous offer got my wife Kim and me talking. But, it wasn’t enough to get us to a decision. It still felt impossible. By December, we were stymied.

As autumn fell, I had no idea I was the topic of discussion by my boss and the owner of the company. They were looking for a new manager of our branch in England. They wanted someone who knew every aspect of the company, who would be able to establish in England how we did things in Montague.

Only person filled the bill. That person was me.

They were talking England as Kim and I were talking ministry. What if the two had never come together? I can’t begin to imagine where life would have taken me, or my marriage to Kim, and everything else that transpired for me.

(Here’s the full story: https://eilerspizza.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/pastorized-1-of-2/)

Just when I thought I was set for life, I wasn’t. Looking back over the thirty years since the talk about me was presented to me, I marvel at all I accomplished, all I experienced, all that transpired.

Would I change any of it? As I am confident most of you would say, I’d quickly dispose of all of the hardships. Yet, as I was recently telling a friend, with hardship comes growth. With struggle comes figuring things out to get past the fight, to reach a new peace. In the end, nope, I’d not request the removal of the seemingly bad stuff, because out of it came so much good stuff.

I am especially pleased to have put my story into print, and to follow that with the book that I find to be the culmination of my life’s work and experience.

The feedback I am receiving is most gratifying, as with hearing about, and then from, the person to whom I will introduce you in my next post.

What she said in one of her videos was more than wonderful—it happened because I told my story.

I am continually inspired to keep doing things so that when others talk about me, it is for good reason—and it helps them through their struggle so that they reach a new peace.

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