Julie’s humidifier hack

This one is in the bedroom in which I have my computer, where I spend a lot of time.
  1. Does dry skin have you itching this winter? Or constantly lotioning those notoriously dry areas? And in search of a friendly soul to lather up the hard-to-reach spots? (I see you, dry back!)
  2. Are you like me, loathing background noises, low hums that are produced by things such as humidifiers? (And fans. Ugh, the sound drives me nuts. You, who enjoy the sound as you sleep—I don’t understand you!)

If you fall into either or both of these two categories, I have come to your rescue! Rather, I’m the spokesman for the real hero: Julie Eilers, Hack Queen.

This one is in the bedroom in which Julie has her office, where she is all day because she’s working from home. She doubles the humidifying by soaking the washcloth.

The hack began with a washcloth. The heating vent, above, is right behind her computer. Wanting moisture in the air, she placed a soaked washcloth as in the photo. She sensed an improvement in the air. That got her thinking.

She cut a milk jug, filled it with water, placed a large sponge in it, and put it by a vent. The sponge soaked up the water; the warm vent air dried the sponge; the sponge kept soaking water. The basin of water emptied pretty quickly, needing to be refilled twice a day.

Our granddaughter doesn’t use this mini grocery cart much anymore, so it’s been adapted for other use.

Julie knew of wick pads—sponges that are designed so as to draw and hold more water than typical sponges—and found some that are made for humidifying, as the name says for this product:

The verdict?

  • We do not have dry skin! I’ve not had to use lotion since we’ve used these.
  • We do not have that irritating humming noise that’s produced by a humidifier!
  • We only spent a few bucks!

It’s my job to keep the water filled, which I do two or three times a day. I’d guess that each of the three stations puts more than a quart of water into the air each day.

I referred to Julie as the Hack Queen. Certainly, it takes more than one hack to be dubbed royalty. I wish, through the years, I’d photographed all of her inventive ideas. Two current ones came to mind.

When we bought this mower, it did not come with the equipment to remove the bagger. I got tired of bagging and wanted the cut grass to go back into the lawn. Julie fashioned the washcloth with zip ties and, voila, it worked! And, yes, it worked well—this is the original, which has not given way.

The other hack occurred two years ago when our big TV gave out. The TV sat on a stand that was made for it, so the stand went, too. We had a TV in the basement, but had no stand for it that would get it high enough. Julie came up with this:

Also in the basement were the classroom desk and crate. They nicely held the TV, and at the perfect height.

Julie said, “This is just temporary, until I can find a proper stand.” I replied, “Why? I love it! It’s funky. It’s a conversation piece. No need to spend money on a stand.” Her reaction was the same. We’ve not thought twice about purchasing a stand.

That’s my queen—Julie, the Hack Queen!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have three humidifying stations to refill.

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