Indianapolis, Indiana

Bio: I am a genetic male. An intersex condition caused me to suffer gender dysphoria. Transitioning to female, I am once again healthy. I now identify as a male who is a transgender woman. I am a former Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod minister, retiring in 2014 in order to deal with my condition. I have a wonderfully loyal wife, Julie, four children, and seven grandchildren. I am conservative and traditional in every facet of my life. Add all of these together, along with my love of writing, and you arrive at my having this blog, where I discuss all things pertinent, and enjoy tossing in some humorous memoirs. Everything I post here, I also post on Facebook, where the conversation often is lively. If you want to be part of that, please friend me: Gina Joy Eilers, Indianapolis. So that I know you are not spam, send a short message that you know me through my blog. Thanks. If you want to contact me via email, write to me at porthopepizza@gmail.com. I answer all correspondence and am happy to answer questions, provide helpful information, or whatever way I might be of service.

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