If you think

This piece was written in the wake of the turbulence in Charlottesville, Virginia, thus it is aimed at anyone who identifies with white supremacists.  However, any person, of any color, creed, culture, or country can take the admonition for her- or himself, should it apply.


If you think you are better than others, then act better than others.

If you believe that white is the dominant race, then prove it by showing that love is the dominant trait of humankind.

If you desire to live in peace, live as a peaceful person. But if it is okay with you to be cut down in your youth through violence, then aim your hatred and ready your trigger. And if you dare to think so singularly, know that you have done more than abandoned your own blood relations, but also put them into harm’s way. And if you are a U. S. citizen, know that you are acting in opposition to both the law of the land and the values on which it is built. And if you claim to be a Christian, not only are you sadly mistaken about the Word of God, you are blaspheming it.

If you want to claim for whites this land which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, remember that you took it from the natives who populated it for long before your ancestors ever knew it existed.

If you hold that you are superior, then show your superiority not in easy things, such as casting off others, but by embracing them; not by standing over the harmed and hurting, but by bending down to help and comfort them. It is easy to dominate and divide; it takes hard work, from a heart which is filled with compassion, to serve and unite your fellow man.

If you believe that white is the superior skin color, then live according to the symbolism by which white is understood. White stands for purity. White represents holiness. And goodness. And innocence. And safety.

White does not stand for bigotry.  White does not represent evil.  Or ugliness.  Or smug supremacy.  Or racism.

Never racism.

If you think you are a member of the perfect people group, then be perfect. Be perfect in your every thought. Be perfect in your every word. Be perfect in your every deed.

If you think you are better than others, then act better than others.

If you think.