15 big ones


As Julie and I mark fifteen years of marriage today, I note that she now is the age that I was when we were wed. And now I note fifteen much more important things.

I have known people who are as compassionate as Julie. I have known those who are as hard-working. I have known some just as smart.

I have known people who are as kind as Julie. Just as good-natured. As patient. As generous. As forgiving. As giving. As faithful. As respectful. As disciplined. As humble. As creative. As fun.

I have known people who possess one or two or a few of these traits, but I never knew anyone to possess every one of them . . . until I knew Julie.

Thank you, Julie Eilers, for being all of those marvelous attributes for me. For us. For our children and grandchildren. For our families and friends. For everyone who comes into your life.

Thank you for loving me without wavering. Thank you for providing me with stability when I have been frail, with wisdom when I have not known which way to turn, and with abundant joy every single day of our first fifteen years.

I cherish you. I adore you. I love you, My Heart! — YH