It’s a pasta hash bash!

Why is this woman smiling so widely? She gladly posed for me, her cooking-crazy hubby, because she loves the pasta hash I created!

It’s easy to make. Takes little time. And you don’t have to be a skilled chef. Here we go!

Start with a pot of water. Once it gets boiling, put in one pound of pasta. This time, I used penne rigate.

Using your largest pan, heat up a healthy sploosh of your favorite cooking oil. I use more than when typically sautéing vegetables as I want the pasta to be coated with a bit.

Cut up an onion and a bell pepper. Don’t be afraid to think you’re overdoing it. I thought I had a lot, but once all of the ingredients were added, the pepper and onion were almost lost in the crowd.

Using a can of olives, cut them in half. . .

. . . and then chop up a jar of artichoke hearts.

Toss them into the pan as you cut a Polish sausage into bite-sized pieces.

Toss those into the pan. The olives, artichokes, and sausage only need to warm through.

By now, your pasta is cooked and ready to drain. Do that, then toss it into the hash.

It’s time to season it. I only use salt and pepper. After a healthy dashing about with both, I give it a thorough stir and taste it. Aah, it needs a bit more. Dash. Stir. Taste. Mmm, perfect.

I put the heat on simmer and stir it every five minutes two or three times. It’s ready to go when we are.

Total prep time: a mere 30 minutes. Julie and I were eating supper only 45 minutes after I entered the kitchen.

All of the flavors complement each other to create a good, homemade meal and a mighty tasty dish. Hey, Julie doesn’t smile at me for the blog fame! Once again, here’s my happy work-from-home wife.

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