Podcast: “The Trials of Gina Eilers”


Here are the links to Julie’s and my interview with Dr. Dan van Voorhis and Dr. Jeff Mallinson of the show, Virtue in the Wasteland.

Part one:


Part two:


As Dan and Jeff continually remind listeners, their show is long form.  Indeed, our interview was so long that they have broken it into parts.  Those goofy guys didn’t edit a thing—as Julie and I listened Monday evening, we kept waiting for this or that to be deleted but, nope, each thing was still there—so you get our entire 2 1/2 hour conversation in the two-part show.

They recommend listening while exercising, doing chores, driving, and falling asleep.  I am hoping to set the record for curing the most cases of insomnia.

Seriously, this is very important to me.  I hope it does a lot of good, helping those like me who have suffered or are suffering, those who have not been understood or, even worse, completely misunderstood.  I hope it helps families, friends, and fellow members of churches, that they might finally or better grasp the terrible thing it is to deal with gender dysphoria, and the challenges of transitioning.

For the Christian, the trans person need not give in to every worldly whim, or alter one’s faith to make it fit with being transgender.  As you will hear in the podcast, the trans person who is writing these words abides in the same, traditionally biblical faith to which she has adhered her entire adult life.

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